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yes, i am an ass hole, thank you


I’m well aware posting the picture of the condom wrapper I found and tagging my husband in it was wrong. I did it while pissed off, and I don’t make the best choices when pissed off.

Regardless, I still have no actual proof it was not his and while I don’t care any more where it came from, I am still not going to apologize. I said I would apologize if it was claimed, but all I got was a ‘maybe’ from a friend and that does not count to me.

I don’t care any more what people think of me either, because no one will ever know how hard it has been for me to try and be okay with everything he has done. I don’t think it will ever be okay, actually. So I think I need to just move on and walk away because I have nothing positive to contribute to this “marriage”